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This essence manifests abundance and success.  Balance the body and the spirit.  Encourage self-confidence, good health and finding one's purpose in life.  Promotes generousity, joyful living and fulfillment.


Gemstones: Sunstone, Tiger's Eye


Chakras supported: Hara, Solar Plexus


This flower and gemstone essence is a vibrational medicine that works on an emotional level to clear any blockages in your energy to help bring your mind and body back into balance.  Fresh flowers from my garden were used and the gemstones were chosen specifically to work with the flowers to support the Chakra.  The essence was started in the morning sun and was collected after it sat a full night under the moon.  Preserved with a small amount of botanical vodka. Gemstone essence infused, gemstones are not included with essence bottle.

Sunflower Flower and Gemstone Essence

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