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"Nature itself is the best physician." -Hippocrates

 Herbal medicine is the oldest system of healing on the planet, tracing it's roots far back before recorded history.  This accessable, afforadable and effective form of medicine is still used in some way all over the world.  While Conventional, or allopathic, medicine is unmatched in it's ability to save lives, especially in life threatening situations, herbal medicine can be the first line of defense in preventing the health problems of everyday life.  From bumps and bruises, colds and flu to pain and chronic illness, herbal medicine strenghtens and supports the body and allows it to become more hardy and resilient, just like the "weeds" used for that medicine.  


Herbs can be easily grown in a home garden and those that can't be are able to be wildcrafted in the forest and fields.  Many popular herbs are grown in other countries and exported, however, the local herbs that are right in our backyard, so to speak, are much more readily available and can be just as effective.


Herbal medicine also allows us to be more self-reliant.  We don't have to feel like we have to run to the doctor with every cough or pain or, worse, suffering in silence because we feel that is the only other option.  The wonderful thing about herbs is we can all learn to use them, they don't have to be complicated and we can finally get back to a time when the instinct to go to the plants first was second nature.

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