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During this uncertain time, let's all remember the simple things.  Take a walk outside, the weather is warming up and the sun is out later in the day.  Pour a cup of tea and sit down with a good book.  Curl up on the couch and give a friend or family member a call.  Take your herbs and vitamins and drink lots of water.  Make sure to get enough rest.  WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN! You'll probably need to carry hand lotion, maybe get some that has a lovely smell. Turn off the news, take a break from social media and try to focus on the green plants that are just starting to emerge from the ground. Be patient with each other.  Times like this bring us together.  Usually, we all have our own private things we are dealing with but right now, we are all dealing with the same thing.  We will get through this, we have gotten through difficult times before.  And if you are feeling overwhelmed, find someone to talk to that can give you some encouragement and support. Be well, friends. I'll be here if you need me.

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