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Spring is finally here! Although it is definitely in like a lion, with the mornings still around freezing, the afternoons are warming up! The birds are chirping, there are little peeks of green shooting up from the ground and the days are slowly getting longer! Now is a great time to start thinking about getting your body ready for the warmer weather.  Have you noticed you might not be as hungry as you were a couple of months ago? Maybe you are craving fruits and vegetables a little bit more. Listen to your body as it intuitively knows what it needs as you move through the season. I will be working on a few products to help you transition into the warmer season. Maybe a special tea to enjoy with a good book, a candle to bring in a welcome fresh scent or an elixir to support your liver and kidneys.  As always, I am available for herbal consultations to help you develop a plan to stay healthy through the seasons (these can be either in person or virtual), book a reiki appointment for some extra calming and energetic healing and coming up for early summer in 2023 I will be offering sound healing using singing bowls, ocean drums, tuning forks and elemental wind chimes.  Enjoy a calming, healing and otherworldly experience that can improve your physical, mental and spiritual health.  Contact me for more details!

Be well, friends. I'll be here if you need me.

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