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Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy where you are with this handy roller ball bottles. These 4 wonderfully pleasant blends that will benefit you depending on your needs. Headache Helper is a simple blend that will both relax you and ease the pain of a headache. Happy and Alert will not only give your spirits a lift, it will also keep you alert when you feel you need it most. Happy Tummy is soothing when indigestion or stomach upset disrupts your day. Anxiety Ease is there to restore your calm and soothe your nerves. Made in a base of Sweet Almond Oil, these aromatherapy blends can be used on your temples, pulse points, rubbed onto your stomach or just inhaled to give you a gentle, healing boost. Keep them with you in your herbal first aid kit,  you never know when you will need one!

Aromatherapy Blend Roller Ball Bottle Set

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