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Love is in the air...

It is not enough to conquer, one must know how to seduce.


Oh, Voltaire, I blush.

I am reminded that Valentine's Day is this coming Sunday. Although, as I plan my next few herbal preparations I am not thinking of one day of love. Plants can enhance one's love life throughout the year; scents from essential oils can rekindle a flame that was thought to have gone out. Even taking care of one's self can encourage one to feel loved from within, allowing themselves to feel the love of others. Common libido stealing culprits include stress, depression and anxiety, Pharmaceutical side effects, medical conditions, hormonal imbalance, feelings of guilt and shame and emotional disinterest. Aphrodisiac herbs don't just put you in the mood, they warm the body, increase blood flow, relax and help ease stress and basically give you that warm, fuzzy feeling you would expect to feel in times where the love should be flowing.

A few of these wonderful herbs are as follows:

Damiana. This lovely herb increases blood flow and sensitivity as well as desire and excitement. It lifts the spirit and reduces nervousness, stress and depression.

Jasmine. Used for it's flowers, Jasmine is warming and relaxing. The scent can also help relax before bedtime.

Hawthorne. Heals the heart both physically and emotionally.

Rose. These lovely scented flowers heals and opens the energetic heart chakra, giving way to a soft but strong heart that is open yet protected.

Cacao. This delicious treat enhances the mood and releases chemicals into the nervous system during situations of happiness, feelings of love and/or passion. This causes a rapid mood change, a rise in blood pressure, an increase in heart rate and the feeling of euphoria associated with being in love.

Vanilla. An aromatic stimulant said to powerfully stimulate the sexual appetite. It also makes ones relaxed, blissful and euphoric.

This week, I am excited to play around with these sensuous herbs and will hopefully come up with something quite special!

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