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Happy Autumn Equinox!  This is considered the second the harvest and you'll notice all the orange and gold outside on the flowers and veggies.  The trees will be turning colors soon and the chilly weather is upon us. This is a perfect time to start planning those hearty cold weather meals with ingredients like golden squashes, orange and ruby root vegetables and warm spices like cinnamon and ginger.  Food the color and warmth of the sun will sustain you through the dark half of the year where the nights are longer and the sun is more scarce.  Take your Elderberry Syrup, bake some bread and be sure to get a little more rest.  This is a wonderful time of year full of celebrations and color!  


The Herbalist's Apprentice will be a vendor at the first ever Virtual Market Square Day on Saturday, September 26th, from 12-4pm! Join me at https://www.proportsmouth.org/virtualMSD.cfm  and scroll down to find me or just search for The Herbalist's Apprentice. The link will be live from Friday 9/25 to Sunday 9/27. I'll be chatting live on Saturday 9/26 so I hope to see you there!

Be well, friends. I'll be here if you need me.

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